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 Welcome to Infinite Cinema

We are excited to show you what we offer. We are a Professional Video Production and Recording company that puts no limits on what we can accomplish for you.

Our company, Infinite Cinema, offers professional video production and recording services based out of the Saint Petersburg, FL area. Much like we put no limits to our production or recording, the same applies to our travel. We are willing to travel to you regardless of your location. We have been preserving special memories on film since 2006. We offer special packages for weddings, sporting events, parties, funerals, and many other occasions. We also provide video and tape transfers to disc, and disc duplication. Call today to set up a session with our expert and dedicated videographers.

As you go through our site you will learn more about our company and see small samples of what we offer. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

The Newlyweds

"A marriage celebration. A family united."

Retirement and 80th Birthday Celebration

"Years of work. A life dynamic."

Reunited and Vow Renewal

"A country divided them, but nothing stopped their love. Renewal of vows with a new life started."

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