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We feel these are important questions that should be asked when searching for a videography company.

Questions and Answers

Q. What should you ask when looking to hire a provider like us?

A. Ask the type of equipment that the provider is using, whether it is an Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) camcorder. The type of filming experience, what are the primary type of events the company typically records. The time frame of recording your event to when you will actually receive your finished product.The type of vantages points that are used for recording.

Q. What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?

A. How long have you been providing your services? What is the motive behind your business? What type of camcorders do you use? What type of programs do you use for editing? Can you supply samples? How many projects do you have monthly?

Q. What important information should buyers have thought through before seeking you out?

A. Buyers have to decide how they want their event to appear. Do they want the a high quality resolution when they show there product or is it ok for the product to have a lower quality like Standard Definition(SD). Do they want the quality of a professional or is it ok that final products looks like they recorded it themselves. Look for samples they are life savers.

Some inside secrets to share:

Find out what type of programs they use for editing. What type of creativity variances for each project and if they provide samples of their work.

Always remember you may not understand the answers to the questions that you are asking, but the fact that the company can give you answer is enough to know that they do not just plan on recording your event giving it to you without editing, unless that's how you want it.

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